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  I now have a blog which I update daily with pictures and comment. Come and visit and leave your own comments if you like at  
Comic collection
  There's nothing I've loved more in this world than my collection of comics, almost entirely DC Comics. I've recently decided to sell my collection via Silver Acre Comics. If you'd like to get your hands on great Silver Age comics from the 1950s to the late 60s and early 70s then please go to Silver Acre's web page. Each one is bagged along with a certificate hand signed by me to show it's from my collection:
Judge Dredd - the Complete Brian Bolland
  Available from good booksellers: "Judge Dredd - the Complete Brian Bolland" Published by IDW.

I can think of a few items of my Judge Dredd output that are not included. A Time Out cover. A few annual and Eagle comics covers. But here is my entire run of 2000 AD Dredd pages plus lots of extras and a two-page introduction by me. 313 pages in all. A perfect Christmas gift!
First class stamp
  Well wadda you know!? Me and Cliff Robinson forever conjoined on a British first class stamp. What are the chances of that happening? I was just saying to Cliff, though, that it's a pity Royal Mail didn't choose better examples of our work - but, still, it's a great honour.  
COVER STORY The DC Comics Art of Brian Bolland
  There's a special edition of this book containing an additional plate, a new full-figure full colour picture of the Joker, limited to 100, signed by me and numbered. For details please contact Joseph Melchior, the consulting editor of the book, at

(I was asked to say that.)
Latest addition to gallery.
This is the cover of Dial H #1, a continuing series from DC. A modern retake on one of DC's series from the '60s, "Dial H For Hero".
Available from quality booksellers everywhere.
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